Our service of wedding plan and design is constructed exclusively around the needs and desires of our customers and we work in the way that suits your lifestyle . Our approach to wedding planning is: working with the best partners, collaborators and wedding planners, to make the most important day in the life of our customers the perfect day.

We ensure that we offer exclusive locations and suppliers, reflecting the type of celebration dreamt of, always in the line of the budget and scope of our client. Once you have chosen the wedding venue, we complete every detail to achieve excellence together, with you : from the ceremony and reception, to the design of flowers, stationery, photography, entertainment, music and performances, transport and all that is important for the calendar date. We can arrange a fully customized site for the wedding, under the advice of our designers and decorators.

In our portfolio of services, we include the design and installation of all necessary furniture and rooms for your celebration. You can count on our Tents and Marquees, our LED fixtures and our installation of Washrooms, Casinos and Scenarios to make your wedding guests feel at home in an exclusive festive atmosphere.


If you are looking for someone who understands perfectly your ideas surrounding your special celebration, our team of professionals will know exactly how to listen, understand your style, tastes, and much more! All proposals are based on reflecting elegance, glamour, and the best of your style, so you can be sure that your wedding will be unique. Part of the advantage is achieved in innovative design in every endeavor, a factor that has become essential in the success of this great company. In addition to extensive experience in the bridal industry, we will help you build the the wedding both you and your partner have dreamt of.


Yorda´s is one of the largest companies in planning, decoration and production of events, with special interest in designing weddings. Our team has positioned itself as one of the leaders at the national level, and part of their service is to offer fresh, innovative ideas, unique experiences and a whole set of creative designs that make your wedding an unforgettable moment. Our philosophy is based on creating great moments, a goal that we have fulfilled by our scrupulous attention to the smallest details, trends and managed to combine beauty with the personality of the couples. A true delight!/A delight come true!


Yorda´s team has a long and proven experience in planning, design and assembly of weddings, accumulated over years of working together with our customers, who have shown us which are the key points in the development of such an important event for couples.

To finally reach an entirely satisfactory result for our customers, in an efficient and effective manner, we perform the following basic steps:

  1. An appointment with the customer: it is essential to know first hand all the requirements that are in the customer's vision and for that we are close to them from the start. We need to know them to know ow to make them happy and to collect all the necessary information.
  2. Develop a plan of needs, scope and budget: based on the meeting held with the customers, along with the information we have gathered, we develop a design wedding plan in which, in short, describes the requirements that we reveal to the customers, the scope of the event, the development of the plan and finally the budget.
  3. Visit facilities: we visit the facilities to have first hand information on the location of the wedding and the context in which the celebration will take place.
  4. A visit to our showroom: we support our clients on a visit to our showroom to show all that may be part of your wedding. At the event, clients may feel firsthand how the furniture, materials, dimensions of the rooms, decorative details and everything that will be part of the wedding..
  5. Finally, on the day of the event, Yorda´s professionals will accompany the celebration to oversee that everything goes as planned. Our goal is to find the full satisfaction of our customers, and on the day, we realise again that all the previous work has been a complete reward for Yorda´s team.


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