Tent Hire

Yorda’s have a wide variety of tents, available for hire, for use in any kind of special event. On account of the different shapes and sizes available, our tents can adapt to any type of space, depending on the requirements of our client. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have learned that each event is unique and to provide a tailored service, we must have a comprehensive set of tents.


Tents for Weddings

We have tents ideal for holding weddings, which make the celebration a unique and unforgettable moment. With different sizes, shapes and capacity, choose one of our models for your event. 

Tents for Events

Our catalogue of tents will allow to carry out holdings of all kinds of events: Fairs tents, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Meeting Groups, Concert Tents..etc


Industrial Tents

There are many clients who require our tents for industrial purposes, storage and hospitality and other needs. Thanks to the diversity of different models of tents available in Yorda’s, you will find what you need.